Kylie Jenner Quits Own App After Post Implies She & Tyga Have Sex

Kylie Jenner publicly announced she'd no longer post on her own app after one of her social media employees made the horrifying inference that she and longtime boyfriend Tyga have sex. Jenner posted a series of tweets disavowing a now-deleted post and saying she would no longer personally post on her app. If you think she was personally posting on her app before this non-troversy, I have a beach house I can sell you in Idaho. We suspect it was one detailing how she maintains a happy relationship with the "Rack City" rapper, but of course that's rank speculation based on our (my) extensive experience in rankly speculating about America's first family.
The post in question wasn't exactly steamy. Here, read it, tell us if you catch something the matter.
I mean... what is embarrassing about that? Sex toys? We're post-50 Shades, women are buying rope now. The only possible way in which this is bad is if Tyga really didn't ask for engraved chopsticks. And, like, got really mad that people would walk around thinking he wanted engraved chopsticks. To be fair, that's a pretty stupid thing to want. But that would be pretty innocuous on the embarrassment scale, considering he got busted sending iffy texts to a 14-year-old. We guess being America's most prominent ephebophiliac is less humiliating than having people think your girlfriend will occasionally bring some toys into the bedroom. Or wanting chopsticks.

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