John Stamos Helped A Teenaged Girl Get Back At Her Ex & It’s What 2016 Needs Right Now

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty
In a world where love is all but dead, John Stamos is the hero we need to get even. The man who has stepped in to take George Clooney’s place as the hottest salt and peppered bachelor in Hollywood has just helped one brokenhearted girl get revenge. People obtained video of Stamos visiting a teenaged patient in the hospital (how dreamy of him) with his Grandfathered co-star Josh Peck. The girl told Stamos that her boyfriend, Jorge, had just broken up with her. Being the hotshot that he is, Stamos decided to call the heartbreaker and give Jorge a piece of his mind. Jorge didn't pick up, so to prove his dedication to the cause, Stamos went old school and started to leave him a voicemail. He started, “Jorge, this is John Stamos. I’m with Amanda, my new girlfriend. Apparently you guys broke up and I swooped right in. So, your loss, Jorge — your loss, because Amanda is a great gal.” And because the cosmic universe will always support our best efforts to be petty, Jorge returned the call before Stamos finished recording. Uncle Jesse wasted no time setting him straight. “We heard you broke up with Amanda so we got our asses down to the hospital and now we’re all dating and we don’t need you, Jorge,” Stamos declared. “I think you made a big mistake. But it’s nice to meet you, pal.” And the room burst into laughter as Stamos hung up. The only thing that could have made the moment more perfect would have been Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” playing in the background. Although, if you ask me it looks like the patient is not completely over Jorge ant they’re totally getting back together.

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