This Is How Kate Moss Spends Christmas Day

Photo: BBC Radio 6 Music
Kate Moss is renowned for being shy around journalists and she has openly admitted that she "hates being interviewed".

But the elusive supermodel has made an exception for her favourite radio show. Moss will co-host BBC Radio 6 Music’s Shaun Keaveny’s Show tomorrow from 9 to 10 am, which Keaveny dubbed "The Kate Moss Hour" after learning that she regularly tunes in.

Appearing on the show for the first time, the fashion icon talks about Christmas and some of her early experiences as a music fan.

When asked whether or not she is "a Christmassy person", she said yes and revealed her idea of a perfect Christmas day.

"I spend it in the country with my family, the whole family gathering. Anyone’s welcome, any randoms as well. I like a random thrown in for good measure. It’s just yeah, the full on Christmas works."

If that wasn't traditional enough, she even talked through the process of making Christmas dinner. Not exactly what we were expecting from the fashion world's chief party animal.

"Of course there’s an Aga, yeah. Nothing ever fits in there, it’s all a big drama. Running backwards and forwards between houses with who’s got a bigger oven than me and we can just, potatoes are over there and turkey’s over there and yeah, fun."

She revealed that her family serves Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, bacon and a "bit of garlic", adding that while her mum oversees the whole process, she's the "Chief Gravy Maker".

"Oh the gravy. I am good with gravy," she boasted, adding that she couldn't possibly reveal her secret recipe, which not even her family knows.

Moss also hand-picked the tunes played on the show, with Christmas songs including Charles Brown's "Please Come Home for Christmas", The Staple Singers' "Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas", Wham!'s "Last Christmas", David Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy", and Soul Saints Orchestra's "Santa’s Got A Bag of Soul".

Moss said her interest in music began in her teenage years, with some artists getting her particularly excited about music.

"When I was younger in Croydon I think Soul II Soul and, you know, it was all Digital Underground and Run DMC, and I went to New York and I went to clubs, you know, in the late ‘80s, I think.

"I was really young, when I was like 15, and they were amazing. I just got hooked," she said, adding that she'd wear "a high top and a leather goose [jacket]".

Talking about meeting her favourite musical icons, Moss said dancing with James Brown at a Thierry Mugler fashion show was a personal highlight.

"It was so random. He was there, he managed to get him and I turned around and I was in a big hooped skirt, dress thing that I couldn’t even move in, and I turned around and I was dancing with James Brown. That was an OMG moment."

Watching Led Zeppelin at the O2 alongside Paul McCartney and hanging out with three generations of the Presley family backstage at the same gig were also highlights, she said.

Moss, a big David Bowie fan, also confessed to not quite being able to fit in the late icon's clothes – his Station to Station outfit – when she was meant to be doing a shoot in them.

"Yeah, it didn’t fit me," she said. "And I loved it as well. When I saw him after that he was like ‘mmm, I heard the clothes didn’t fit.’ All right, rubbing it in."

She also admitted being a huge Wham! fan, adding that living just up from George Michael and being able to chill out in each other's back gardens is a "dream come true".

"We have done in the past. When it’s hot. He’s got a pool, so when it’s hot I’m like ‘oh can Lila come and jump in your pool?’ And he’s like ‘yeah, come over.’ And we can actually climb from garden to garden over the walls with a ladder, we’ve done that a couple of times."

Rock and roll!

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