The Last Tango In Paris Rape Scene Is Just One Of Old Hollywood's Many Scandals

Photo: REX/Shutterstock
It's easy to romanticise Old Hollywood as an era filled with glamour and grace. After all, don't we all love watching a charming black-and-white movie and daydreaming about a simpler, more dazzling time? But celebrities back then were hardly angels, and often found themselves embroiled in scandals that will completely shock you.

There were no tabloids or Twitter feuds to keep up with back then. So time may have forgotten some of these scandals...but we certainly haven't. We've all heard awful "casting couch" stories from recent years, and it turns out, Old Hollywood had its fair share of dirty secrets, from abortions to pedophilia.

Some of these stories are still hotly debated today (such as Woody Allen). But others are often forgotten. In light of resurfaced controversy about a nonconsensual scene 1972's Last Tango in Paris, it's time to look back at other celebrity scandals that went down long before Kim Kardashian clapped back at Taylor Swift, or Ryan Lochte hit Rio. Hollywood legends had plenty of skeletons they'd likely wish to keep in the closet.

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