We Tried The Bizarre Makeup Brushes Taking Over The Internet

Ah, makeup brushes — the underdogs of the beauty world. Though they do the ever-important task of blending your foundation, eye shadow, and blush to Instagram perfection, it's not often that you see a set innovative enough to truly excite you. (Unless they're of the unicorn, snake, or Harry Potter variety, of course.) The exception: Artis Brushes, a brand we fell hard for a few years ago, when it introduced a slew of ergonomically shaped tools that went beyond your standard bristles. Its first collection had superfine fibres and cool applicator tips that looked like toothbrushes. They beautified our faces with ease, changing our perspective on makeup brushes forever. And now, the company is at it again. Its latest line is called Digit, and it's inspired by the shape and size of — you guessed it — your fingers. Sounds weird, but if you're anything like us — lazy and unwilling to apply makeup with anything but your hands — the launch is nothing short of brilliant. Each brush is designed to replicate the outline of your fingertips as you glide products across your face.
And, yes, they look bizarre. One editor even compared them to dog brushes. But, we tried them ourselves and they couldn't be easier. In fact, we think these flat, curved handles are even more intuitive than Artis' last set. Because they are short, they are easier to control, and thanks to the design, you can press your finger directly over the bristles themselves, controlling just how much pressure you want. The result? A damn near perfect concealer application with thoroughly buffed edges. Says beauty editor Maria Del Russo, "It's like applying makeup with your fingers — if your fingers had bristles on them." It's a concept that every lazy girl can get behind, but it won't come cheap: Snag the 5-piece set (meant for eye shadow, lipstick, blush, concealer, and foundation) for a cool $185 (£148), or the 10-piece full set for $375 (£300) on the Artis website.

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