These Post-Election Feminist Pieces & Podcasts Offer Inspiration, Hope

By the time the sun rose again, what promised to be a historic election for American women on the morning of November 8 turned into a distressing reminder that sexism is still alive and well at the highest level of our political system. Donald Trump's upset win caused a lot of soul-searching among American liberals, and didn't offer much hope. The wave of anger that immediately followed his election is cresting, and now we're awash in theories about what his presidency means for women and American politics. These feminist podcasts and pieces offer a path forward, a reflection on how we got here, and maybe a sliver of hope. Of course, the last time we were told there was a light at the end of the tunnel it was an oncoming Trump train. Masha Gessen's "Autocracy: Rules for Survival" in the New York Review is a letter from someone that knows Putin's Russia well. She gives a practical if distressing advice for how to navigate Trump's America. This isn't fun, but it feels essential. Rebecca Traister writes beautifully and at length in New York about the glass ceiling that Clinton hoped to shatter and her coalition's failure to do so. A sobering look at how she failed to win the Presidency, but a valuable one. The New York Times features a powerful column from Jessica Bennett, who writes about how Clinton represented all women. Her analysis includes a powerful reading of the sexism that every woman faces in her professional life. The Supreme Court is the subject of Rachel Sklar's piece in Elle. Her dissection of Trump's impact on a potential reverse of Roe v. Wade is a tough read, but necessary in light of the issue's importance. The Republican effort to block Merrick Garland's appointment has apparently been as successful as it was cynical. Sally Kohn writes, for CNN, that "Trump cannot keep justice down." Her piece is optimistic about the power of the American people and institutions to keep tolerance in place. She offers a measure of hope. We shouldn't forget about Trump's racism. That's the thesis of Bridget Todd's Bullshitist piece, which casts a harsh light back on a campaign that routinely offered racist statements that would have disqualified any other presidential candidate in our nation's modern history. Alyssa Mastromonaco, ex-Obama Chief of Staff and current VICE COO, writes for VICE's Broadly about her experience working for John Kerry during his failed 2004 presidential bid. This piece offers a no-bullshit way forward for young women devastated by the result. She cautions against too much anger and recommends wine and activism. Highly recommended. About Race offers an audio take on how we must move forward. Host Anna Holmes calls on Tanner Colby, Tanzina Vega of CNN Money, and Adam Serwer of The Atlantic to help make sense of what our country will look like going forward. This podcast includes a lengthy and essential reading list. Mashup-Americans celebrates its first birthday as a podcast with design legend John Maeda. He discussed how to make your way as a person of colour or any other hyphen-American. This podcast isn't specific to Trump, but is a message of powerful forward motion. Obviously, this list is incomplete. If you have others, please leave them in the comments.

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