This Is What People Think Of The John Lewis Christmas Advert

Photo: Via John Lewis/Youtube
Finally! After last weekend's furore over a fake John Lewis advert created by an A-level student, the much-awaited real John Lewis Christmas advert has landed. The ad dropped on YouTube earlier this morning and, as was to be expected – considering the high bar the company has set for itself and the huge budget involved (reportedly £1m) – people's reactions have been mixed. Personally? After this shit-show of a year, full of hate-fuelled politics, the ongoing refugee crisis and countless unspeakable disasters, I was hoping for something to renew my hope for humankind and make me feel all warm and fuzzy from the inside out.
Instead, I got a load of animals jumping on a trampoline. If you haven't seen the ad yet, the plot is basically this: a dad buys his daughter a trampoline for Christmas and some animals that would usually rip each other apart happily bounce away while Buster the Dog (the star of the show) looks on jealously, shut up in a conservatory. Then, when he's released on Christmas morning, he finally gets to enjoy the trampoline for himself. Call me cold-hearted but, for me, Buster and his trampoline have nothing on 2011's heart-rending The Long Wait, a meditation on selflessness and the value of showing love for family and friends through our carefully chosen gifts. That was a far more inspiring message than the envy and self-interest we see in this year's ad. And it seems I'm not the only one left slightly underwhelmed by John Lewis' offering. Others shared similar views on Twitter.
But not everyone agreed with us hard-hearted folk, with some even saying it's John Lewis' best Christmas ad yet.
What do you think? Did it move you to tears, or are you still too busy crying over Trump to give a damn?

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