Snapchat’s New Update Is The Answer To Your Election Day Stress

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.
Snapchat has heard your election anxiety and is giving you a chance for some much-needed relief. Today, the app is introducing World Lenses, a filter which lets you decorate the world around you in puking rainbows and Election Day swag. What else can a Nasty Woman ask for? After updating the app, open it, and put your camera in rear-facing mode. Then, press down on the screen to bring up the different lens options, just like you would if you were putting a filter on yourself. Today's special "Go Vote" air horn works especially well when added to a voting sign or the scene outside of your local polling place. What really takes World Lenses to the next level is the option to add the same lens to the world around you and your face, but get a different animated effect based on which camera mode — rear or front-facing — you're using. While none of the filters available today seem to offer a special effect, Snapchat's signature puking rainbow lens will be one that does.
Video: Courtesy Snapchat.
Other new features in today's update include the option to send a snap in a story to friends (just hold it down) and — finally! — the chance to rewind a Snap Story by tapping the left side of the screen. This is something that Instagram Stories already allows, and it's proven especially useful for backtracking to read beauty labels and restaurant names in photos. For those keeping a record of all the ways you can lower stress today, you now have Snapchat, free pizza and donuts, and meditation. Keep 'em coming.

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