You Can Survive Long Lines At The Polls With The Help Of FREE Pizza

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If you arrived to work today only to hear a constant stream of Election Day horror stories from friends and co-workers who braved the polls early this morning, you may be worried about how you're going to handle the lines later on. Chances are those lines will be a bit rough, but there's an online service that wants to make waiting around a little more bearable. It's called Pizza to the Polls, and it's here to reward you for performing your civic duty. Pizza to the Polls, which officially launched Sunday, allows you to report a long poll line by entering the address of your precinct and submitting a social media post proving the lengthy wait time. Once you've filled out that information on the site, the folks over at Pizza to the Polls will order a pizza on your behalf from a local joint using the Slice app. Then, you just stand back and think about the critical role you're playing in history while you wait for your piping hot freedom 'za to be delivered to you in line. According to the service's Twitter account, it's already been put to good use this morning, and it looks like many people are getting more than just pizza. @PizzaToThePolls tweeted at some hungry East Hollywood-based voters, "We've got some breakfast burritos and bagels from The Corner Deli & Grill coming your way."
The price of the pizzas and other snacks is covered by donations, so if you've already confronted the lines, why not keep doing your part by helping to feed those other hungry defenders of democracy. If Election Day ends, and there's leftover dough (the kind you spend, not the kind you bake), the nonpartisan service will donate it to feeding the hungry. Think of all the good you can do today — by both voting and donating.

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