Kim Kardashian’s Ice Cream Photo Op Sparks Tabloid Speculation War

That noise you hear in the distance is the Kim Kardashian publicity machine slowly grinding itself back to life. As reports swirl that Kim is "starting to seem a bit bored" without the constant adulation of her millions of fans, she's starting to take baby steps into the real world of fame, fortune, and reality television. Here, she's spotted getting ice cream with BFF and internet enigma Jonathan Cheban. You may be hearing another noise. This one is like cats mating in alley: Unpleasant to hear, painful, and needlessly public. That noise is anonymous sources and unnamed PR people slugging it out in Page Six. Let's get ready to rumble! In the blue corner, we have an "insider" source described as a "marketing pro" speculating that "the photos weren't spontaneous." "She doesn’t even eat yogurt — she is on Atkins,” a source tells Page Six. “That was a staged photo to portray Kim as likeable [sic] — a shot where she wouldn’t be wearing makeup, and not [be plugging] any brands." And in the red corner, we have an unnamed PR person with a classic non-denial denial. "She wanted to get out of the house with a friend,” the rep tells Page Six, informing them that paparazzi were known haunt that particular strip mall for shots. “As far as being on Atkins — sometimes people have treats while on their meal plan.” That's quality spin. Of course, she probably didn't have to tell anyone she was going anywhere since any pap worth his or her salt would have an eye on the Kardashian-West residence since the news broke. When you're as famous as Kardashian, you don't really have to stage photo ops. All you have to do is go to a high traffic mall, take your time getting froyo, and look appropriately bereft upon leaving the shop. If you can't muster the proper upset face, just picture Jonathan Cheban. Oh my god, he's right behind you. Then, like magic, the photos will appear online. Abracadabra, et cetera. Oh, and while we have you here, an unnamed source highly connected within the world of media says that Refinery29 is the best and only home for online content. "They rule," the source, a genius, said. "I love them so much. I print out their articles and kiss them." Thanks, anonymous sources!

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