Shoppers Are Noticing Something Weird About These Mannequins

Mannequins are supposed to show you what clothes look like on the body, but not what you look like in the darkest part of your soul. However, that's exactly what's happening at UK clothing chain River Island, where one writer named Sarah Griff noticed a weird trend.
"The river island mannequins look like they're hungover in the shower thinking about their life choices," she commented, adding, "u ok hun." It is out of character for mannequins, who are usually positioned upright and glamorous around stores. Instead, these particular specimens are sitting down, holding their knees to their chests, looking deep in thought. Whatever's happening, they're definitely having a hard time. Griff isn't the only one who's noticed the mannequins' odd demeanours. Dazed reports that other shoppers have described them as “goth,” “depressed,” and “hungover.” The BBC even reached out to the chain asking about their mannequins. "River Island likes to keep the shopping experience interesting, fresh and different for our customers - with distinctive in store displays, which we change and update regularly," the store replied. "We always welcome customer feedback and aim to reflect their views in our stores." They should probably check Twitter.

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