30 Wednesday Addams Costumes For The Girl Who Only Wears Black

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On Wednesdays, we wear black. Just kidding. But if you ever needed an excuse to wear black, look no further than Wednesday Addams, the original goth girl (besides, oh, we don't know, a Salem witch). There's a little bit of Wednesday's all-black-everything trope in all of us. And her iconic uniform has served as inspiration for many a Halloween costume past. Or, of course, the mood board of your typical New Yorker.

That's why, despite Halloween falling on a Monday this year, playing Wednesday come October 31 is fair game. (But the Native American bit is not! You know why.) It's time to reach into the depths of your soul and scrounge up all of the black dresses, white collars, black stockings, and black shoes you can find. Ahead, we've got 30 ways to accentuate your RBF à la the princess of darkness herself. And if anyone asks what you are, have your Addams family comebacks locked and loaded. For example, when someone asks "Where's your costume?" You say: "This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else."
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Hats off to this girl for close attention to detail: Wednesday had an intense interest in the Bermuda Triangle.
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Photo via @iamsuperkenny.
Make sure the collar is perfectly creased.
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Photo via Mike Ballan.
A skull is the perfect accessory that shows off your dark tendencies. Spooky.
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Photo via Dani York.
This Wednesday wears a classic black dress, black shoes, braids, and carries her favourite headless doll, of course.
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Photo via Drew Anne.
A scoop-neck works, too.
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Photo via @crazy.dark.neko.
It looks like this dress was Wednesday-inspired from the get-go.
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Photo via @miriam_neila.
Remember when we said there's a little all-black-everything Wednesday in all of us?
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Now, that's a perfect white collar.
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Photo via @dianermacedo.
"May I please have the salt? Now."
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Photo via @the.blue.lady.
Swap a skull for the head of a baby doll, and you're all set.
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Photo via @nikifm214.
The best costumes double as business-casual attire.
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"Oh, Wednesday's at that special age where she has only one thing on her mind." "Homicide."
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Photo via @mandeerosephoto.
That book is probably about the dark arts.
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Photo via @presley_noel6.
Double trouble: Wednesday next to her brother, Pugsley Addams, whose look is also easy to re-create in black-and-white.
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Wednesday had an affinity for the guillotine, and toted around dolls with their heads cut off. Didn't you?
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Photo via @ariaabfnv011.
"Killing you in my mind."
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Photo via @judasjawbreaker.
Remember: the Wednesday Addams costume is open to interpretation, so don't be afraid to incorporate a Zana Bayne-type harness, too.
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We're guessing her tattoo says, "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour."
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Photo via @undidiridium.
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Photo via @michellemarkova.
Any questions?
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Photo via @noeloneel.
When a rotting skull photobombs your selfie.
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Photo via @beautybyelina.
Here's what happens when Wednesday Addams goes shopping at J.Crew.
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Photo via @marisasantosa.
"Be afraid. Be very afraid."
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Photo via @spollard1920.
Or, you can hop on the velvet trend with this updated version of Wednesday's signature dress.
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Photo via @roxyfromgotham.
If Wednesday Addams were an Instagram star, this would be her most-liked photo (not that she'd care, anyway).
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Photo via @ssweetdarkness.
Who said Wednesday didn't know how to contour?
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Photo via @angiedegyves.
Take the scary up a notch with some festive terrifying contact lenses.
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Photo via @blackandmilky.
Wednesday's going-out top of choice.
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Photo via @the_ciambella.
Even Wednesday can't get enough of the '90s choker trend.
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And lastly, don't forget to accessorise with a sharp kitchen knife.

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