These Costumes Will WIN Halloween

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
For us, the weeks leading up to Halloween involve equal parts reviewing every meme and pop-culture moment in the past year and figuring out how to translate said moment into costume form. The latter is easier said than done. (Hence, you'll likely run into eight different Harley Quinns while out and about on Hallows' Eve.) That, paired with the fact that it's an election year, makes the line between "topical" and "predictable" even blurrier this time around.
But then again, 2016 was the year Daniel got damned, millennials rediscovered pink, and Rihanna proved the best way to accessorise is taking your wine to go. In what has been an objectively terrible year, these moments brought a little lightheartedness to the news cycle (and probably sucked up a little too much of our time). So, now, we commemorate those viral tidbits in the best way we know how: by turning them into Halloween costumes. You've got your fashion-girl looks down. Ahead, check out eight punny getups that are on-topic and on-point for whatever you have planned for October 31.

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