Avoid The “Mean Reds” With These Creative Holly Golightly Costumes

Photo: Everett Collection.
If you're ever in New York, there's nothing quite like the feeling of walking along Fifth Avenue and stumbling upon the windows at Tiffany's. And if you happen to magically have a doughnut and a coffee in your hands — hey, how'd that get there? — let's just call it serendipity. If this scene sounds familiar, that's because, like us, you, too, are a Breakfast At Tiffany's buff.
And if after watching the rom-com masterpiece based on Truman Capote's novel (and singing along with Audrey Hepburn during "Moon River") you can't help but feel more Holly Golightly than your actual self, then may we suggest playing the part this Halloween? Here's what you'll need: a pair of black, Godard-style sunglasses, a pearl necklace (Tiffany's not required), a black dress (Givenchy optional), some black gloves, black kitten heels, your favorite morning snack, and... Oh! Don't forget the sassy updo.
Now, if all of that seems a bit much for you last-minute folks out there, fret not, because ahead, we've got every type of Holly Golightly costume you can think of. From the all-outs to the inspired-bys, we hope you meet your inner Hepburn in the middle. See you at Tiffany's.

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