Your Horoscope This Week — Sep 25 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Let us all hold hands and increase the peace. This Monday, the 26th of September, a rare event is happening in the skies. The radiant Sun and broad-minded Jupiter meet up in Libra, the sign that rules love, harmony, and partnership. At its best, this cosmic duo can help unite warring factions and supersize romance. It can help us see the best and brightest in one another…if those Libran scales stay in balance. If they tip to one extreme — like, say, Jupiter magnifying the Sun's bluster or the Sun arousing Jupiter's tactless candour — there could be an outlandish display of swagger and ego. The presidential debate is scheduled for this very day, so we're already biting our nails — and popping the Orville Redenbacher.

On Friday, the new moon in Libra sweeps in to pacify any tension the Sun and Jupiter stir up — or increase the good vibes! Do you think you're better off alone? Humbug! Time to get the pair-bonding party started as a fresh crop of dance partners comes pouring in. Attached? You could put a ring (or some ink) on it to formalise your status as a twosome. Remember: New moons are starting blocks, not finish lines. If you're still seeking your missing puzzle piece, you have until April 11, 2017 — the date of the corresponding full moon in Libra — to use the juice from this week's new moon to manifest amour.

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