Gigi Hadid Jokes That Prankster Is "Lucky" Zayn Wasn't Around

Based on her rapid-fire reactions, Gigi Hadid is no damsel in distress. The supermodel needed no help in defending herself from a prankster who grabbed her during Milan Fashion Week.

That didn't stop actor Ansel Elgort from chiming in and asking why Hadid's boyfriend, Zayn, wasn't there to come to her aid.

"Where was Zayn at?" the Fault in Our Stars star tweeted.

Hadid suggested that the prankster would have gotten more than an elbow to the face had Zayn been present.

"That guy should prob take some time away from icing his jaw tonight to count his lucky stars that Z wasn't there," she responded. She also threw in a skull and casket emoji. Yikes.

Just imagine the sort of damage that metal arms could do. Think twice before messing with this gal or her man, creeps.

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