Matilda's Mara Wilson Wishes She Would Have Played These Roles

Mara Wilson is known for childhood classics like Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, but there are some other roles she wishes she was known for.

In an interview with Fusion, Wilson talks about her decision to dump Hollywood and some of the FOMO she felt because of it. She admitted that it wasn't always fun seeing actresses get parts she thought she could have gotten.

One actress in particular seemed to be her movie twin: Kristen Stewart, who Wilson said "got so many parts that I really wanted."

She says friends like Mae Whitman also got parts that she wanted and thought she could have gotten, too.

But the hardest part of leaving the spotlight, Wilson said, was watching "former friends," like Hilary Duff and Lacey Chabert, get the covers of magazines.

But don't feel bad for Wilson, who just released a book of essays called Where Am I Now?, which explores her famous past. Now she laughs about her FOMO, because she knows she wouldn't have wanted to be on those magazines.

"It was not the priorities that my mother had instilled in me," she said. "It just wasn't me. It didn't feel right."

Wilson says that in reality, she's much more like her characters, who were more "nerdy cult characters."

"I was happy with that," she adds.

We imagine Matilda Wormwood would be happy with that, too.

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