12 Cinemas That Are Actually Better Than Your Sofa

Photo: Michael Robinson Chavez/Getty Images.
Let's be honest: Watching movies at home has never been more appealing. Between Netflix, HBO Now, and a dozen other streaming services, the title options are endless. Our TVs are bigger and higher-res than ever. Increasingly, movies are released via streaming while they're still in cinemas. You can be as loud and disruptive as you want: Eat pasta out of a pan, pause the movie to take a call from mum, Snapchat while you watch. And if it's not free, it's very cheap to split the cost of a rental. You have to wonder: Why would anybody get up off their couch and go to an actual cinema anymore?
We've got a few good reasons. When it comes to movie theatres, we're happy to report that there are a few gems out there. These are not your average cinemas. Each of them offers something special, something you won't find in other cinemas or your living room. From opulent decor and luxurious seating to spectacular outdoor settings and gourmet food and drink, these venues are truly worth the trip. Here are 12 cinemas that are actually better than your sofa.

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