31 Movies You Need To See To Pull Off Your Cool French-Girl Persona

How do we define the Cool French Girl? That is the question.
She is, as the moniker implies, the very definition of cool. But what does that even mean? Are there different kinds of Cool French Girls? Varying levels of cool? Can one be a Cool French Girl without actually being French?
To get to the bottom of this existential question, I turned to the movies. My theory: Marion Cotillard might just hold the key to that indescribable très chic aura. Catherine Deneuve could potentially teach me to project that sultry yet carefree allure. Or maybe — if I observed Brigitte Bardot long enough — I'd also absorb just a fraction of her je ne sais quoi.
I cannot confirm if any of those things happened. However, I did compile a handy guide for those who, like me, strive to internalise the enigma of the Cool French Girl. Naturally, some of these films feature our favourite French stars. Some are simply required viewing for anyone who's putting on Gallic airs. All of them are magnifiques.

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