This New L.A. Hair Trend Is An Instant Accessory

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Move over platinum, because there's a new jewellery-inspired hair-colour trend taking Hollywood — and this one is just as precious. You may already know that rose gold is one of the must-have metals for dainty jewellery (and the finish we most want to wrap our laptops in), but it’s becoming the most Instagrammable hair colour, too.
Now, the concept may not seem new, as Emma Roberts debuted a Coachella-ready “desert rose” back in March and Ashley Tisdale tried the colour in May. But actresses aside, we’re predicting the trend will have very long legs. Why? The hue — which most closely matches the light that’s cast at the start of a Malibu sunset — looks good on everyone, and is as easygoing as it appears.
“Rose gold complements pretty much all skin colours,” says Jessica Gonzalez, a celeb colourist at L.A.’s Benjamin with Negin Zand salon. Over the past few months, she’s seen an uptick in requests for the soft shade.
As far as unconventional colour goes, it's also very user-friendly. “When trying out new colours, people are often worried about whether it will be acceptable in a professional work environment. And I think rose gold is acceptable,” Gonzalez points out. “It’s a good way to ease into color.” The washed-out hue typically fades back to its blond base after a few weeks, so it’s not a huge commitment. And it doesn’t require major processing. “You only need to lift the hair to a golden blond,” she adds.
Of course, keeping the colour long-term requires some dedication. “It's not a hair trend for the lazy,” says Lucille Javier, a colourist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City. “It is a stressor on the natural hair to go lighter and tone, and it takes time and energy to maintain.” Frequent salon trips aside, Javier suggests extending its lifespan by using a hydrating, colour-safe shampoo and washing with tepid water.
This softer side of bling may be here to stay, in spite of its trendy roots — and Javier sees that as a good thing. “I love that people are more open to creative tones, and I'm 100% behind the trend never ending," she says. "I can't wait to see us in our 60s still rocking our creative tones and tattoos.” We couldn't agree more.

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