Leonardo DiCaprio Is The Prankster We Need

Photo: Jun Sato/WireImage.
Leonardo DiCaprio is known for many things. His incredible acting, his distaste for being photographed, and a strong desire for anyone who's been on the business end of a catwalk.

Notice I didn't say his humour.

Well, the joke is on me, because it seems Leo is quite the prankster; just ask Jonah Hill. In an Instagram video posted Monday by the (aptly named) user Dicaprihoes, the actor can be seen having some fun at the expense of his Wolf of Wall Street co-star.

After noticing Hill on the sidewalk, DiCaprio sprints towards his pal, cell phone at the ready, like a crazed fan. A startled Hill prepares himself for some self-defence until he realises it's just regular-old superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, pulling one of his classic pranks. Ever the gentleman, Leo makes sure to take the sting out of the joke by giving Hill a sweet hug afterwards.

Take a look at the video yourself (start at 1:18), below. In the meantime, someone tell George Clooney to watch his back.

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