Why Kylie Jenner’s “Biggest” Fans Didn’t Seem That Excited To Meet Her

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I'm sure a lot of teenage girls have dreamed of having the chance to meet Kylie Jenner and talk to her about her constantly sold-out cosmetic line, among other things. So, imagine if you were casually hanging out at your place of work, and in walked Miss Jenner, with a special surprise just for you. Would you freak out? Would you squeal and dance around? Or would you just awkwardly side-hug her, and then go back to business? Apparently, Jenner's supposed "biggest Kylie Cosmetics supporters in L.A." did the latter. And it's so painful to watch. Jenner documented the whole experience on her Snapchat. The 18-year-old seemed way more excited to meet the girls than they were to meet her.
While watching the series of Snapchats, I couldn't help but cringe at how uncomfortable they all looked. And how no one seemed to be wearing any of Jenner's products when she saw them. And I wasn't the only one. All the comments on the Snapchats after they were uploaded to Instagram have been other Jenner fans and followers saying that they would have freaked out.
But, was visiting people at their place of work really the best option? One woman was serving up drinks and took the palette, then had to get back to work.
Another group of girls was working at a hospital when Jenner approached them outside. Jenner herself seemed uneasy when she said a quick "Alrighty..." before running away.
Jenner did document her trip to see two other "supporters" at home and made a stop at Dash, the boutique owned by her older sisters. The crowd there had a more excited reaction, but there is still a lesson to be learned here. One commenter had a pretty spot-on analysis of why everyone was brushing off the social media celebrity — "I think it's just a psychological thing, really. That's exactly how I react when someone hands me a tip at work; of course I'm appreciative of the tip, but I'm not about to jump up and down because I'm literally getting paid to work there. I feel like they had the same feeling; they appreciate that it's free but they can also clearly afford to pay for it without batting an eye and missing out on next month's rent." I think Jenner doesn't completely understand what it means when she interrupts random people at their places of work. They can't just stop what they're doing to fangirl or coo over a new makeup palette. But it was a nice gesture, Kylie. Better luck next time.

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