This Story About “Economy-Class Wives” Will Make Your Blood Boil

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We all know that getting bumped up to first class can seriously improve a long flight. But how would you feel if your significant other left you to fend for yourself in coach, while he or she got gourmet meals, legroom for days, and free Champagne in the front of the plane — and not just once, but every time you travelled together? According to a story in The Daily Mail, there's a growing number of men who always fly first or business class, while their wives are relegated to coach. “In my opinion, everyone should travel this way,” businessman Arrun Kumar told The Daily Mail. Everyone except his wife Tina, that is. "I think first-class is really rather wonderful — the only way to fly," he continued. When Arrun travels for work, he tacks on a few days at the end of the trip, and his wife joins him for a mini vacation. But Arrun always gets a first-class ticket in order to focus on work and get a good night’s sleep. Tina, on the other hand, flies solo in coach. “'The first question people ask is always the same: 'Has your husband ever offered to change seats with you?' Hand on heart, he hasn't ever suggested it. It really used to bother me — did he think his comfort was more important than mine? I’ve gotten used to it though,” Tina said.

The Daily Mail
has coined the term "economy-class wives" to describe this arrangement, which is, in a word, maddening. The Kumars aren't the only couple to adopt such a policy when they travel. Husband and wife John and Michelle Sedgemore have a similar arrangement. They flew together in economy class on a vacation in 2001, and according to Michelle, it was a “disaster.”
“John finds economy unbearable,” and “didn't stop moaning and grumbling” for the entire 12-hour flight, Michelle says. Ever since, the Sedgemores have traveled separately, with John flying business while Michelle and the couple's two children fly coach. Apparently John recognises he’s gotten the better deal. “Yes, I get treated very well in business class. And if, one day, we can afford it, then I'd love for the whole family to join me there.” But for now, he’s going to keep taking the solo upgrade. While Michelle, Tina, and the other women quoted in the article are adamant that they do not mind traveling this way, there's something terribly icky about it. (The Daily Mail)

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