"We Are Horrified": The World Reacts To Deadly Shootings

"We are horrified."

President Obama echoed the sentiments of Americans across the country this morning, when he condemned the coordinated shooting that left five police officers in Dallas dead.

Describing the attacks as a “vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law enforcement,” Obama said he believed he spoke for every single American when he said he was horrified by the killings.

The officers were shot and killed Thursday as they manned a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in the city. At least seven additional members of law enforcement and two civilians were injured.

The attack on law enforcement comes after a week that saw two Black men shot dead by police, the latest in a line of incidents.

Philando Castile was shot in his car in Falcon Heights, MN, on Wednesday as he reached for his driver's license. His girlfriend streamed the aftermath of his death in a Facebook Live video. Alton Sterling was shot dead by police during an incident in Baton Rouge, LA, on Tuesday.

Shocked and grieving, thousands took to social media to share their heartbreak and calls for a more peaceful, inclusive future.

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