21 Women On The Best Advice They Got From Their Dads

Illustrated by Aimee Sy.
From "dad jokes" to "dad jeans," fathers don't always get the credit they deserve. Unfortunately, the bumbling-dad stereotype doesn't take into account the awesome advice many of us have gotten from our fathers. So we decided to ask women to share some of the pearls of wisdom they've learned from their dads.
Some of the women offered sentimental, heartfelt stories about how their dads helped them appreciate their siblings or make the most out of life. Others recounted more practical lessons their dads taught them, like driving pointers or tips for managing money.
Even if it sounds preachy, corny, or over-protective at first, the advice we've gotten from our dads sticks with us. We'll admit we've turned to their wisdom more than once to get through a breakup or conflict at work. And even if we still refuse to laugh at their dumb jokes, we're more than willing to thank them for all of the invaluable advice they've given us.
Ahead, we've rounded up 22 pieces of fatherly advice from appreciative daughters. From here on out, let's call these wise words "dadvice," a term we're really hoping catches on.

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