Do You Remember These Super Creepy Labyrinth Plot Points?

Image: TriStar Pictures.
I remember the first time I watched Labyrinth. I was eight, obsessed with all things Jim Henson, and ill-prepared for how terrifying all the little gremlins would be. My little sister and I got about 15 minutes into the movie — to the moment when Sarah successfully summons the Goblin King to come take away her baby brother and creepy little creatures begin popping up in the corners of the room — and promptly began screaming. My parents definitely regretted not vetting that film: We had nightmares about that one scene for literally months to come.
On June 27, Labyrinth officially turns 30 years old. While it was a disappointing flop when it first hit theatres, the movie has gained a cult following in the decades since. I’ve mostly managed to avoid it since my first rough encounter, but recently went back and watched the whole thing. Turns out, that scene that freaked my sister and me out back in the day is still pretty scary, as are a few other items that I missed the first time around.
From a belching bog to a bizarre May-December pseudo romance between Goblin King and a girl, Labyrinth had all the creep factor I remembered — and then some.

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