Marcia Clark: Don’t Blame Me For The Kardashians

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Marcia Clark is a feminist hero. She re-entered the cultural consciousness after The People v. O.J. Simpson showed the Trial of the Century to a new generation of viewers. And Clark never went away. Well, she did exit the legal profession — who wouldn’t? — but only to become a major crime author. Her latest, Blood Defense, just hit bookstore shelves. But the O.J. case still follows her around. And, most notably, its genesis of the current most-famous family in America. Clark had this to say when Complex asked her about the Kardashians. “So you're going to blame me for the Kardashians?” Clark jokes to Complex. “It is my fault! No, no, you're right. And that's what's so funny. It's completely ironic, that because of that trial the Kardashian name became a known name, and that's why they manage to parlay that into I'm not sure what to call it because I'm not sure exactly what they do.” She says she’s never met the wider family. “Well, I never met them,” she tells Complex. “Kris did not bring them to court, nor should she have. But I met Kris then. And Bruce came with her because she was very helpful in rounding up the domestic violence witnesses, the ones who saw him beat up Nicole and heard from her and witnessed the abusive behaviour. I never did quite understand how releasing a sex tape turns you into a nationwide figure somehow. You parlay your dad's name involved in a double homicide because two people are dead and somehow that turns you into… anyway, I can't get there from here.” It’s fair to be confused. But Clark is ignoring their media savvy and ability to generate headlines without controversy. Maybe if she had had Kris on her side, she could have played the media better and if she had played the media better then… Who knows. That’s another topic for another Ryan Murphy show. Read the rest of Clark's interview here.

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