Your Horoscope This Week — Jun 12 2016

Photographed by John Lisle
Illustrated by Christine Hahn.
Eyes wide open, please! Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is rounding out a tour through social, frenetic Gemini that began on May 24. Until Friday, she'll hover in the sign of the Twins, helping us hone in on kindred spirits and delight in the discovery of meeting (and flirting with) new people. Variety is the spice of this Venus cycle! Couples should socialise together often — and in new locations — to keep things fresh. Although there are a million people to ping, pay attention to where you're stepping this week to avoid the "distraccidents" that a planet touring Gemini can bring. The brilliant Snapchat can wait until you're off the busy sidewalk — especially if you're careening along on platform sandals.
On Friday, Venus floats on to Cancer, blanketing the world in cozy, intimate vibes until July 12. Our ability to focus on just one person returns, which can make everything feel pretty darn heartwarming. The downside? We can get a little too caught up in other people's affairs, as Cancer's caretaking energy is a strong brew. Regular self-checks will be necessary: Am I being a hot mama or a mother hen? Adjust accordingly.
This week also brings an alert to slow down, simplify, and make plans. Ambitious Saturn crashes into a complicated square (90-degree angle) with Neptune, the planet of illusions, and we may bite off more than we can chew. A meltdown moment could arrive if we have too many tabs open or say yes to a lofty goal without first running it through a practical filter. As dreamy or exciting as an idea may be, don't sign on before crunching numbers, checking schedules, and figuring out what resources will be necessary to pull off the plan.

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