Khloé Kardashian Says This Sister Complains The Most

We've finally figured it out: Khloé Kardashian is the town crier of the Kardashians. The former talk-show host holds nothing back, has no qualms about loose lips sinking ships, and is happy to air a little dirty laundry now and then. Obviously, we love it.

During an appearance on Ellen, Kardashian brought in big sister Kourtney over FaceTime to share some truths about their sisters. Kylie is the messiest sister, but Khloé is the biggest troublemaker. The two siblings agreed on which Kardashian complains the most: Kim.

"Duh," Khloé, who took over hosting duties for Ellen DeGeneres, joked. "It's so Kim."

Kendall is the worst babysitter, because she's too busy modelling to watch kids. Khloé is the best babysitter and best present-buyer, but Kourtney could only name herself as the sexiest and funniest sister. Fair enough.

Watch the clip, below. Think Kim is already complaining about all this?

Video: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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