Your Horoscope This Week — May 22 2016

Designed by John Lisle & Christine Hahn.
Ready to find the Zayn to your Gigi? Charming Venus hops into flirty, casual Gemini from Monday until June 17, making us all a lot lighter in the game of love. Some of us won't even be in the mood for it, preferring the company of friends (and siblings) over the intensity relationships can bring. If you're part of a pair, make a point of being bae's BFF. Gemini is the sign of the twins, after all, and while you don't have to go rocking coordinated ensembles, discovering new common ground will be a fun adventure.

On Thursday, hold your fire — and your fiery remarks! Big-mouthed Jupiter slams into a signal-dropping square (90-degree angle) with cautious, conservative Saturn. While Jupiter is all, "Go, go, go!" Saturn is like, "Slow down." This frustrating cosmic combination could make us feel like we're gunning our engines and slamming on the brakes at the same time. Expect start and stop progress this week and don't give up. Just make sure you're working from a prudent and practical plan!

On Friday, energiser Mars — which is retrograde from April 17 to June 29 — slips back from fiery, flamboyant Sagittarius into seductive, secretive Scorpio. Our daring moves have certainly brought mixed reviews — and even made some messes — since mid-April. With Mars in Scorpio, we'll pull back and be a little more thoughtful about how we present ourselves in public. Mars hovers in Scorpio until August 2, which can make for a sultry, but also complicated, summer. For best results, don't rush into anything romantic!

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