This Girl Says She’s The Reason Justin Bieber Won’t Take Pics With Fans Anymore

Credit: Jeff Kravitz / Contributor.
What a brave, brave girl. She better realise what she's saying, because the Beliebers are about to come after her for this. High school student Kailyn Ferrara is claiming that her video of Justin Bieber is the one that spurned his random Instagram post declaring that he was done with fan photos. In the post, he said he felt like a zoo animal and that all his fans are so focused on getting a picture of or with him that they don't even really care about even meeting him as a person. It's the double-edged sword of being a celebrity. It all started with a chance run-in with Bieber. Ferrara ran up to him, phone in hand, ready to grab a video of the singer. Once he saw that she was running over to shove a camera in his face, his security guard quickly and calmly told her, "You shouldn't do that without asking first." Which, yes I totally agree. One should, as common etiquette teaches, ask before taking a photo of someone else — even if they are super famous. Ferrara told Mix 104.1, a local radio station, her side of the story. "I got really excited, because I couldn't believe it was really [Justin], so my first instinct was ‘I need to give him a hug.' So, I walked over and I gave him a hug. I put my phone up and he didn't like that. The security guard said, 'You shouldn't do that without asking first.'" She continued, "I feel bad. I didn't think he'd get mad about it, but he did...After I gave him the hug, he still talked to me. He got over it quickly and still talked to us after the incident." But she obviously wasn't too sorry, because she uploaded the video to her Instagram page. She captioned the short video, "Justin didn't appreciate my vicious hug but I appreciated his presence #IsItTooLateNowToSaySorry?????? @justinbieber." Apparently, Bieber fans found the video and connected the dots to accuse Ferrara of being the straw that broke the camel's back. Or rather, the selfie that broke the Biebs.

Justin didn't appreciate my vicious hug but I appreciated his presence #IsItTooLateNowToSaySorry ?????? @justinbieber

A video posted by Kailyn Ferrara (@kailyn_ferrara) on

She even made a still image from the video her banner picture on her Twitter page.
Presumably, hours later, Beiber would write this post:
So, if you happen to run into Bieber walking barefoot in a city park, or hanging in a tree, just play it cool and put your phone away. After all, he might smash it.

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