Celeste Barber: The Funniest Woman On Instagram

Her satirical Instagram account now boasts over 700K followers. But when Australian comedian and social media star Celeste Barber isn’t contorting her limbs for the purpose of taking sexy bathroom selfies – all in the name of sending up the bizarre world of celebrity and self-promotion, of course – she is also an actress, writer and mother. How does she do it, you may well ask. "Vodka", she may well answer. We talked to the woman herself about being Insta-famous for all the right reasons.

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Hey Celeste. It must be a bit of a whirlwind receiving all this attention for your Instagram photos. How do you juggle motherhood and celebrity?
I don’t. I have trained monkeys look after my children and FaceTime them once a fortnight so I still qualify for family benefit payments. Can you quickly describe your morning beauty regime?
Wake up 30 minutes late, attempt to put on fresh undies and, if its a fancy day, a bra. Then scream at the kids to get into the car. I see. Do you have any tips for staying in shape this Summer?
What shape specifically? I’m personally working on the ‘lumpy bumpy saggy pear shape’ and I’m really happy with my progress. My main tip is to start to not give a shit early on, then continue this way for the rest of your life.
What three products can always be found in your handbag?
Chardonnay, Sav Blanc, Vodka. And what's your favourite yoga pose?
Missionary. According to Instagram you work out every single morning, sometimes for hours at a time. How do you stay so motivated?
Wine. Who is your current style inspiration?
A nudist I saw at the beach on the weekend.
Who makes up your glam squad?
Sarah M’n’M, Brooke Cornchips, Kath Nutella and Olivia Vodka. I have them to thank for my amazing complexion. It looks like you have a really happy marriage! What is your secret?
Marry someone A LOT hotter than you and convince them they are lucky to have snagged you. What have you #realised in 2016?
I have #realised that there’s stuff to be #realised and unless we are willing to #realise it then our realisations won’t be fully #realised. What's the best advice you have ever received?
Stop talking with your mouth full.
Were you (or anyone else) hurt in the making of your more adventurous Instagram pics?
When I did the Lady Gaga Paddle Board yoga pose in the pool, the surfboard flew up in the air and cracked my nose, proving a long held belief of mine that no exercise is the best exercise. Which celebrity Instagram accounts are you feeling at the moment?
@CelesteBarber is pretty hilarious. Have you seen her stuff? She’s amazing. Did you know that she’s an actor and writer as well as being a ‘legendary comedian?' I really hope someone gives her a show or at least starts paying her. Honestly she is a laugh a minute. I don’t know how I would get through my days without her posts. What projects are you currently working on?
I’m currently concreting my backyard, which is pretty exciting, and learning all of the steps to Beyonce’s Formation. It’s a really busy time for me. How and when can we expect to see more from Celeste Barber in the coming weeks and months?
There is no more of me to see! Unless I start doing nude photos, which I’m totally up for but my husband says is a deal breaker. Thanks Celeste!

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