Your Horoscope This Week — Apr 24 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Back your data up on the cloud and hold your mobile phone a little tighter. This Thursday, Mercury makes a U-turn and goes retrograde until May 22. This thrice-yearly signal scrambler can throw us off our communication game big time. This time around, Mercury's retreat takes place in Taurus — the sign that rules schedules, processes, and financial planning. Double check appointments and set those reminder alarms. And keep a more watchful eye on your budget, because money could burn a hole in your pocket. Unfortunately, "Oops, I spent my rent check at a sample sale" won't fly with most landlords. Since Mercury retro is notorious for creating communication snafus, make sure you're on the same page as anyone who shares bills or other monetary obligations. And remember these three life-saving words: Save the receipt!

On Friday, love planet Venus is on the move, leaving frenetic Aries and settling into grounded Taurus until May 24. While this might put a little kibosh on the spring-fevered vibes, pacing attractions isn't such a bad thing. Set the Spotify to the slow-jam station and enjoy a more sensual groove. And since Venus governs the way we spend money, this cycle can green-light the purchase of an object from the "practical luxury" category or something that could be considered an investment piece. Just heed that Mercury retrograde warning label and balance the books before making the splurge.

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