21 Really Random Disney Moments That You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

Disney movies have provided us with some pretty memorable plot lines.
A princess cursed with eternal sleep who can only wake up to a true love's kiss? Classic. A bookish French girl who succumbs to Stockholm syndrome with a little help from a candelabra, a clock, and teapot? Favourite. A mermaid who only dreams of walking, dancing, and combing her hair with a dinglehopper? Unforgettable.
But sometimes, the best Disney moments are those that have nothing to do with the plot. Close your eyes and think back, long ago, to a time when VHS was a current technology. Which scenes did you rewind over and over again?
Whether it's the picture-perfect application of lipstick in Mulan, or the big library reveal from Beauty & the Beast, we all have a quirky Disney soft spot. Grab some pixie dust — let's fly down memory lane.

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