Your Horoscope This Week — Apr 03 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Bring on the practical magic! This Wednesday, messenger Mercury hunkers down in Taurus, a sign that is both diligent and decadent. Hard work deserves rewards, right? With Mercury here, careful planning and budgeting can leave room for the rent check and that gorgeous wrap skirt. Normally, Mercury spends three weeks in a sign, but from April 28 until May 22, we'll experience a retrograde (you've been warned), so the planet of communication will hover in Taurus until June 12. This earthy energy prompts us to plan more social time outdoors. Bring on the picnics, beach volleyball tournaments, and campouts under the stars!

Venus is also on the move this Wednesday, heating things up in Aries until April 29. When it comes to love, we won't have the longest attention spans. The competition could get fierce in the dating world, too. While it's fine and important to "be ourselves," we can also put our best selves forward, and like, try a little. Shared adventures keep the magic going, so get creative and plan outside the box! Try a new type if you're single, because Venus in Aries inspires us to stretch out of our comfort zones and give someone new a go.

Thursday's new moon in Aries resets the cosmic clock. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, we could consider this an astrological lunar new year. Time to refresh our feeds and say goodbye to any painful or unrewarding emotional situations. This is a stellar day for making lists of our wishes and desires, with an Aries-ruled focus on personal development and independent growth. The universe is listening and results could manifest by the corresponding full moon on October 16.

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