Tom Hiddleston Does The Weather Now

A very dapper Tom Hiddleston stopped by a local Chicago newscast to lend his talents in the meteorology department. He's about as smooth as a weatherman can be, although we suspect his English accent has something to do with that. Of course, years of acting in major motion pictures might also play a role in his comfort on-camera. "My younger brother's been misbehaving," Hiddleston, who plays Loki to Chris Hemsworth's Thor, said. "The god of thunder has brought his skillset to bear on the local weather." Hiddleston's been busy. He plays Hank Williams in the upcoming I Saw The Light and also plays a key role in AMC's The Night Manager alongside Hugh Laurie. That's not even mentioning his starring role in the upcoming J.G. Ballard adaptation High Rise, out May 13. Do you have all that? It's a lot. While Loki might not actually improve the weather, it might bring Chicagoland residents some comfort to think that their bizarre weather is coming from a vengeful god and not decades of environmental neglect. Or whatever.

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