Your Horoscope This Week — Mar 27 2016

What a rush! All week long, expressive Mercury will zing through Aries, charging up every conversation with energy and excitement. Forget what your mum told you about talking to strangers. Meeting new people — even sharing quick bits of conversation with random passersby — will be exhilarating. The only trouble is, we can be a little too quick to label people as amazing or to write them off as not worth our time. First impressions do count, but seeing people in a variety of situations is what will truly reveal their character. With solid Saturn trading friendly fire with Mercury on Tuesday, we'll get another nudge to branch out. Saturn is touring Sagittarius, the sign that rules international affairs and cross-cultural connections. Time to tear down those Trump-sized walls and mingle with people from different backgrounds.
On Thursday, Mercury syncs up with future-forward Uranus, sounding the call for change. Do you see an opportunity to make your corner of the world a better place? With both planets in innovative Aries, creative ideas for doing so will flow freely. But practice a little anger management along with the activism. There's nothing wrong with getting fired up for a cause! But Aries is also the warrior sign — basic disagreements could turn into raging battles if we forget to breathe.

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