2016 Republican Primary Results

Tonight’s set of Republican primaries could be the moment of truth that the GOP candidates have been waiting for.
The four remaining candidates will compete tonight for victories in five states — Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, and Illinois, plus the Northern Mariana Islands. Three of those six contests — Florida, Ohio, and the Northern Mariana Islands — are winner-take-all states when it comes to awarding delegates. Illinois is also winner-take-most, while Missouri and North Carolina will dole out delegates in proportion to the vote. All of the states have a high number of delegates at stake, from 99 in Florida to 52 in Missouri.
It’s a make-or-break moment for the campaigns. The delegate-rich states could give GOP front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz each the opportunity to solidify a lead, if not clinch a nomination. Both Trump and Cruz could see strong victories push them past the halfway point to 1,237, the magic number of delegates needed to win the nomination.
But for Marco Rubio and John Kasich, it could be their last chance to prove that their campaigns are still kicking. Rubio and Kasich’s respective home states, Florida and Ohio, may be the two candidates’ best or even last shot at a solid win. So far, Rubio has only won three primary contests. Kasich hasn’t won any.
Results will start coming in as soon as polls close, and we’ll be updating here with the expected winners as they become clear. Ahead, catch up on the results from contests held so far. And be sure to check back to see which Republican candidate emerges the winner of the day.
Results for the Democratic primaries can be found here.
Editor's note: This post is being updated with information about additional primary and caucus results as they become available. It was originally published on March 1, 2016.

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