The Ab Fab Trailer Is Here

Courtesy of Fox Searchlight
Bosh open the Bolly because the first official trailer for the new Ab Fab movie is here and it's jolly fabulous. Although the minute-long teaser doesn't give too much away, Eddie and Patsy are evidently enjoying a well deserved sunny break with Hun-Official levels of pink cocktails and bearded men in cheesecloth shirts, as a voiceover teases: “When you must have the best, be sure to choose something cool, something refreshing, something… absolutely fabulous.” Heaven.

After Kate Moss was pictured on set, emerging drenched from a grey Thames, fag in hand and wearing a sequin ballgown, we set our hopes for the feature length film pretty bloody high. Other confirmed celebrity cameos are Lulu, Emma Bunton and Kate Moss, with rumours that Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian may pop up to say 'hello sweetie darling' too.

The film is due for release in July 2016. Get that Bolly on ice.

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