The Lowdown On Kendall & Kylie’s New App

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It’s not just the week of the pink wig in Kendall and Kylie world, no sir. The bigger news, likely to score even more likes on the 'gram, is that the Jenner sisters have just launched their own app, Kendall & Kylie, on the App Store and Google Play today. “Thank God!” we hear you cry, “now we can all relax and get on with things.” The app has been developed by Glu Mobile, who have also built games for their sister Kim, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, and are reportedly working on one with Taylor Swift. But how to follow in the wake of older sister Kim’s Hollywood app? Which has made over $200 million since its arrival in June 2014, according to Bloomberg News. Obey y’all; just do it bigger and better, with, like, dogs and options to pull a ‘duckface’ for selfies.

Guys look who I just met ;) #kendallkyliegame link in my bio

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The long and short of it is: You’re a thirsty-as-anything wannabe social media star. Well, of course. Then the plot gets even thicker/sillier on your arrival in Santa Monica, where you’re the new kid with no friends, no job, just an iPhone, a ‘tiny’ apartment and your raison d'être: Fame! A few simple tasks will see you gaining followers and Kendall and Kylie’s attention in no time. Simply get a social media handle, upload some fire selfies, expand your professional contact list, get hired, get some purple eyebrows, and some better shoes.

No jk I like her better! #kendallkyliegame link in bio

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Expect to traverse other hungry-ass bloggers, some dodgy dates and some sticky red carpets while capturing all the highs for your social media followers! The more content you post, the more exclusive messages from Kendall and Kylie you’ll receive. The Jenner sisters launched their own fashion line, Kendall + Kylie, earlier this month, and last September, all of the sisters (except Kourtney) debuted their personal apps and websites. If our maths is correct, and it normally always is, the girls could stand to make a bigger profit than their older half-sister – which could be just in the nick of time because apparently Yeezy is a little outta pocket. Phew!

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