Neither Rihanna Nor George Clooney Have Slept With Someone Over 50

Whoever decided to round up both Rihanna and George Clooney for a game of "Never Have I Ever" deserves a raise. The two superstars joined Ellen DeGeneres for the saucy stunt on her show, and much was revealed. Clooney has gone skinny-dipping in Lake Como, but has never sent a nude selfie. Rihanna has sent a nude selfie and seen a rapper naked. Ellen has spanked a cat, and we're not going to go there. Most delightfully of all, Rihanna revealed a genius euphemism for having sex: licking the envelope and sealing the deal. She has not, however, licked the envelope with a person over 50. Neither has Clooney (age 54) nor DeGeneres (age 58). We know they're both married to younger women, but really? Suddenly that crack from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler that Clooney would sooner float off into space and die than be tethered to a woman his own age feels rather on-point. Watch below to learn more than you really needed to know about celebrity sex lives.

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