Your Horoscope For This Week — Feb 01 2016

Step one, down the cup of courage. Step two, chase with a shot of truth serum. It's Speak Your Mind week in astroland, stargazers, so prepare your speech. With the moon in honest-to-a-fault Sagittarius from Tuesday to Thursday, we'll all feel pumped to express ourselves. But do apply a few filters! Sagittarius energy can be a little too rapid-fire (or downright tactless) for its own good. Before getting on the IRL or social media soapbox, do a few integrity checks. Throwing people under the bus or making unresearched claims could start an all out war — and we might not be up for that battle. But if it's time to call out that naked emperor — for the good of everyone — let it rip, then drop the mic.
Saint Valentine pops by for a prequel on Friday, as love planet Venus and passionate Pluto conjoin at the same degree of Capricorn. #RelationshipGoals could top the weekend agenda, as well as getting super serious about finding, keeping, and locking down the love we want. Oh yeah, and the Friday night sexcapades will be mind-blowing. But be warned: our loins could write a cheque that our souls can't cash. On Sunday, a clash between the sun and Mars can give us all a case of claustrophobia if we fence ourselves in too tight. Good rule of thumb: Join at the lips, not the hips.

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