9 Of The Best Celeb Twitter Comebacks Ever

Since Kanye and Wiz Khalifa’s epic break-up last night we've been left with a few questions. Like, um, ‘Does Kanye really wish he was “tall and skinny”?’, and, ‘Does Kanye really own Wiz’s child, and if so, how?’ The only question that the mega Twitter spat actually answered was ‘who is the baddest b*itch of them all?’ The answer, of course, is the suede-headed Amber Rose (alias: Muva), the doyenne of the shut-down comment, who chirped in right at the last minute with this sensational one liner:
Holy. Shit. Talk about dropping the mic. In celebration of Amber's comeback to end all comebacks, here are some other celebrity clapbacks that will have you starting inexplicable beef with your mates on Twitter, just so you can throwdown when the occassion rises #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch James Blunt What does one do if one is exceedingly posh and also responsible for some of the soppiest songs ever written? One unleashes their trolliest of troll sides on Twitter and becomes author of some of the most snide snapbacks ever composed in 140 characters. See below.
And another one, just cos he's so good:
Gary Lineker In what potentially could have been one of the most boring Twitter fueds in the history of Twitter, Piers Morgan VS Gary Lineker actually had more legs on paper.
Gary, approaching on the left hand side of the pitch...
Back o' the net. Av it. Rob Delaney When David Cameron posted a very earnest picture of himself on a call to Barack over at the white gaff (could he have been on hold with BT?!), American comedian Rob Delaney joined in on the conversation, quite literally.
Then Patrick Stewart chimes in. That's when you know it's time to bow out.
T Boone Pickens We didn't see this one coming. And neither did Drizzy we bet, when 89-year-old American business tycoon T Boone Pickens gave Drake his two cents. Snap.
Frankie Muniz If you thought Malcolm In The Middle was Muniz's moment in the sun, think again. He also penned this in response to a member of the public tweeting about how awful his acting is...
Gabourey Sidibe The Empire actress took to Twitter to address fat-shaming comments she received after a particularly raunchy sex-scene aired and pretty much shut the whole internet up. #goals
Hugh Hefner That one time Hugh did something we can get down with. Kind of.
Zayn The crown prince of social media fall-outs, Zayn Malik, had a few things to say to Max George after he gently ribbed him for no apparent reason. Ok so this one's a little childish, but, you know, effective. Highlights below.
Shaq Finally the most succinct clapback from Shaquille O'Neal himself. The phrase 'ur caps r on btw' is now in the Urban Dictionary.
Slam. Dunk.

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