Your Horoscope For This Week — Jan 25 2016

Praise the heavens! This Monday, the 25th of January, Mercury retrograde comes to an end, thank goodness. Since January 5, the planet of communication, information, and transportation has been stuck in a signal-scrambling backspin. Basically, this made it impossible to get 2016 plans into flight...or even see WTF our missions actually were. Worse yet, Mercury retrograde began its trek through Aquarius — the sign of technology and electronic equipment — from January 5 to 8. This doubled the impact of computer breakdowns, Wi-Fi outages, and gear going haywire. Then, Mercury dipped back into Capricorn, the goal-setting sign. Can you see what we're getting at here?
But all hope is not lost. From Monday until February 13, Mercury powers ahead through Capricorn, heralding the real resolution revolution. Ambitious plans can finally lift off. The coast is clear to sign important documents, too. And hey, maybe they do know you by first name at the Genius Bar or auto repair shop, but this week will mark your final visit — which might mean investing in a new model instead of trying to squeeze another dying breath out of that tired PC or old banger. One caveat: The shadow of Mercury retrograde lingers on until February 15, so it's still important to take precautions. Buy insurance on larger purchases and make sure all items come with a warranty or legit return policy.

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