We Asked @BreadFaceBlog Why She Likes Rolling Her Face Into Bread So Much

When images and videos of a lady rubbing her face into all sorts of bread started to garner attention last month, we had a few questions. Like, why? And what happens to the bread afterwards? We are of course talking about @breadfaceblog, the Instagram account that in the founder's own words is: "Giving the people something they didn't ask for." It might not be what the people asked for, but they're enjoying it – she's amassed 45.2k followers despite having posted only 25 videos of herself rolling her face in bread, accompanied by soundtracks ranging from Cocteau Twins to Whitney Houston. Intrigued to say the least, we had to know more about the unnamed Bread Lady, so we did what anyone in 2016 who wants to get a stranger's attention does: DM'd her on Instagram with loads of carb-themed emojis, and we heard back... Why bread?
I always thought it would feel great! Specifically, soft breads. Why bread on your face?
Just an irresistible urge I had one day. I always try to give into harmless impulses as much as I can. Why did you decide to video the process?
I thought it was a funny idea and I figured it would make someone laugh.

14. Palagonia Large Seeded Twist ? #breadfacing

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What carb feels best against the skin?
I'd say the least nutritional ones always feel the best – white breads, cake-y ones. What do you say to people who say it's a fetish?
I'm not doubting that it is something that probably gets someone off out there, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that! BUT I do think these assumptions are being a lot more because I am Asian. The word "fetish" specifically seems to be thrown around a lot in my world. Do you think about what you're wearing?
I'd like to think I always try to look nice! But for these videos, I just wear things that I'd wear on the weekend, so it's definitely more flashy than my everyday look... which is mostly Uniqlo heattech and bdg jeans.

17. La Tour Bakehouse Cookie Crusted Taro Sweet Bread ? @latourbakehouse #breadfacing @asos

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What do your friends and family think?
My friends and family love it but they treat me exactly the same... which is annoying because I'd rather they pine for my affections and/or fight to the death over which of them should pay for my bar tab. Have you tried other foods? If so, what?
Not yet! I've never really wanted to put my face in anything else. I've put my hands in lots of foods but bread has been the only thing I've craved on my face.

10. King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls ??? #breadfacing

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Why do you want to remain anonymous?
My life is very much normal so I think it would be an anticlimactic reveal. Plus, I think there's some magic in not knowing. What would life without bread be like?
Pointless! Everyone is so afraid of bread and carbs lately but just indulge once in a while! What's the point of living if you can't have a baguette or Pad Thai once in a while?

12. Cornbread ? #breadfacing @reformation

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