Your Horoscope For This Week — Jan 04 2016

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
The heavens are busy this week, with a double-whammy of retrogrades and a new moon. Well, at least 2016 won’t be off to a boring start? On Tuesday, Mercury plunges into its first of four retrogrades this year. This backspin starts in Aquarius, the sign of teamwork and technology. There could be some unexpected shifts to our office org charts this week — and some unexpected trips to the Genius Bar. Password protect your data and back it up, too. Then, on Friday, Mercury retreats through career-focused Capricorn until the 25th of January. Press pause on the #cantstopswontstop momentum and really assess those resolutions. Mercury retro brings reality checks that can actually be helpful. Review, refine and revise before ploughing ahead on the 25th.

On Thursday, expansive Jupiter joins the retrograde brigade, backstroking through systematic Virgo until the 9th of May. Here comes reality check number two! Are we working at maximum efficiency? Instead of cramming too much in, how about setting up plans that make sense? Virgo is also the sign of healthy living. How about weaving a better work-life balance into our project plans, too? Gym time and salad days aren’t a luxury, Jupiter reminds us, but a necessary means to staying productive. Now... how to create some whitespace in the over-crammed schedule? Saturday’s new moon in goal-oriented Capricorn helps with the streamlining process. And since it’s cruising alongside take-no-prisoners Pluto, we’ll have no trouble dropping those draining tasks and energy vampires like hot potatoes. Bye, Felicia!

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