Admit It, You Love Movie Shopping Montages

We can be a bit hard on movie clichés, but that doesn't mean we don't still (sometimes) love (some of) them. Case in point: the elaborate shopping montage, in which movie stars raid a mall, twirl around dressing rooms, swipe credit cards, and merrily swing their shopping bags while "Pretty Woman" or "Money (That's What I Want)" booms in the background. It's just too good.
With your own Christmas sale shopping hell ahead, what better time to pump yourself up by watching a dozen or so of the best shopping montages to grace the silver screen. Let the quick cuts of dressing room fashion shows inspire your own retail adventures. Note how these movie stars flash their Visas and chequebooks without stopping to price-check. Take comfort from their gleeful grins and the smug smiles of the shop assistants silently calculating their commissions.
It's not quite the same as fighting over £5 fleece throws and marked-down flat-screen TVs at Argos, but it's all in the spirit of capitalism. Go get 'em, tiger. Oh, and don't forget your Roy Orbison CD.

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