We Really Used To Crush On These Celebrities, But Not Anymore

We've been somewhat in love with Jared Leto for, what, 20 years now? We stood by him as Jordan Catalano's baby-blue eyes struggled to make sense of letters on a page. We wept as he saluted his mom in his touching Oscars speech. We put up with the bad haircuts. Then we saw him decked out as Suicide Squad's Joker, and freaked the fuck out.
Thanks to some hair dye, bleached brows, coloured contact lenses and razor-sharp rotted teeth, our long-standing crush on Leto is currently on ice. Once the stuff of daydreams, he's now got a starring role in our nightmares. C'est la vie.
It's not the first time an actor's dramatic makeover or ghoulish role has forced us to snap out of a celebrity crush — which is not to say we don't still admire these stars. It's just sometimes hard to get all gushy about your favourite Hollywood dreamboat when he's playing a maniacal killer or a slave-owner.
Behold, 29 roles that nipped our fantasies in the bud.

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