Donatella Now Has Instagram. Is The World Ready?

That's a rhetorical question. Of course we're ready for one of the world's most camp and fantastic fashion designers to begin posting on the largest social media platform. Watching a veteran cultural icon take to social media late can sometimes be a bit like watching your mum or dad write Facebook statuses or use emojis on text. Please refer to Geri Halliwell's dubious and very fresh stab at the Instagram game, which mainly consists of awful baking videos, and, that time David Cameron thought 'LOL' stood for 'lots of love'. Sets the teeth on edge a bit, right? Well, if you were having second thoughts about hitting follow on Donatella's Instagram account (@donatella_versace, FYI) you need only re-acquaint yourself with her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge YouTube video in which two muscle-bound, shrink-wrapped male models tip a bucket of ice over the doyenne of shade's head. It was just about the best thing on the internet, and drew attention to a very important cause.
So far Donatella has only published one post, but, but it's of herself and Gigi Hadid inexplicably stood in a desert, in jumpsuits, taking a selfie, captioned, “Hey guys, here I am! x” (parents love signing off with an 'x' don't they?). Unlike your mum's comment about Aunty Sue on your profile picture, Donatella has racked up an impressive 17.1k followers and 8,700 likes on her first snap. Oh, and then there's her bio, which reads 'Me, Donatella. I believe in individuality and the freedom to be whoever you want to be. And by the way...I am the Designer.' Poetry, we're sure you'll agree.

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