30 Movie Clichés We Never Want To See Again

Ever feel like you've been watching the same movie over and over and over? We're with you. We can see a coupling coming a mile away, even if the characters spend the film's first 110 minutes hating each other. We can expect a big argument to erupt about two-thirds of the way in, paving the way for a montage of sad faces, long walks, and drafted text messages that never get sent. Then there's the big realisation, followed by some heartfelt speech in front of random people, none of whom seem pissed that they missed the 6:04 p.m. train home because some a-hole decided to stage a flash-mob wedding proposal.
Of course, maybe all these Hollywood clichés are still going strong because, without them, a rom-com lacks tension, or even a story. And we're as guilty as anyone when it comes to raving about a movie even when certain aspects make us roll our eyes.
But if a film were to come along without employing one of these tried-and-true clichés, we'd be pretty delighted. We think we can live without the wise-cracking granny and evil female boss for a couple of hours.

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